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  1. I ended up replacing Crankshaft Sensor. Any it runs great now. But the car started to burn oil and smoke coming out sometimes. any clue?
  2. Yes I have it checked out with mechanics w/ testers . Every time they get different codes but get the old Malfunction in transmission after teh car shuts off or feels like it is going to stall. I am having them check electrical connections...
  3. The Alternator needs to be replaced but I sometimes get a jolt like and the car turns off now . It looks like either it loses power completely or the voltage changes drastically and the computer loses control. After Sometimes i have to crank the car for a few times and then it starts ok. But when it runs it runs perfect. Do you think it is the Alternator/Voltage regulator or wiring issue? Power loss to the electrical ? I still get Malfunction in Trans .. It always did that when the issues started. But when cold and the car is sitting over night it starts easy and runs perfect for approx. 15 min. Then it acts up, it jolts like power loss and either turns off the car or the failure lights come on.
  4. When the car is cold it starts and drives perfect for 10-15 min. after it there is a hiccup like power loss and all failure lights come on and the car shifts to lower gear. I suspect a power issue. Malfunction in Transmission -DBC Malfunction! -Drive control System -Star-off assistance inactive! I have shown it to a BMW repair shop and they say the transmission is bad. But the car runs and shifts perfect for 10-15 min. Also, last time the failures showed up my car cleared the failure codes itself while I was driving. And it showed all systems is OK. So a power or wiring issue could be the cause as you guys mentioned it. I think you are both correct. I called BMW of America and a couple dealers and they all tell me there is no recall on my car 2010 BMW 650i or for the wiring. VIN - CV92800 I am sure the power wires you mentioned could be causing this. Can anyone send me the electrical wiring diagram and fuses for my 2010 BMW 650i ?? Greatly appreciated. best, mmakabeh@gmail.com
  5. All was good after a reset .. I went over a pump and all failure lights showed up after (20 min driving without issues). I Did check the voltage of my brand new Bosch battery . it seemed Ok. I suspect the power line form the battery to the fuse boxes is the issue. Not sure yet how to work on it. But i believe it is a power issue. I have also ordered a voltage meter that plugs into my cigarette lighter that I can see the voltage regularly.
  6. I replaced the IVM and fuel pump. The car ran perfect for 20 min. Parked the car and it would not start.. After 10 tries it started with Malfunction Trans failure. Please help. Here are the failures ; If you also read from the top of my thread it might be a little more clear. -Malfunction in Transmission -DBC Malfunction! -Drive control System -Star-off assistance inactive!
  7. Upt'North Thank you for your help. I started having the Malfunction Transmissions failure code last year . the car would crank but would not start like no gas. After several tries it would start and run great. I Took my car to a Trans Shop he serviced it and programmed it. ( I hope he told me the truth tat he did the job) The car ran well for many months .. The problems started again this year a couple months ago all fail signs I put picture of showed up. My friend who is a BMW mechanic read and reset the fail codes several times and concluded the failures were correct . Last month he replaced all Camshaft gears, Vanus solenoids chain tensioners, oil, coolant , etc,,, all needed gaskets and seals. BTW my car has 155K miles. Battery was replaced 2 weeks ago. when the car is cold in the morning it runs like brand new. However after driving 30 min or so or if i drive and park the car, sometimes it would not start and the car shows up with similar issues and failure codes. And puts the transmission in safety mode of 20-40 Miles. It wont change gears and wont allow Cruise control (gives the code- Cruise Control Failure) Also a few days i drove over a bump and all fail lights including key and trans and DBC , etc... all fail codes showed up. But went away after driving a little. This is my story.. I believe there is a board or connection issue like short or possibly grounding issue . Best, Michael
  8. I had serviced the car thru a BMW mechanic; Had many failure report such as Vanos solenoid and Cam shaft Gear. Chain tensioner ... all replaced even PCV valves all 4 x replaced. I think it is a short or grounding issue. Trans was serviced one year ago but similar problems showed up.
  9. Hi everyone! I've had a couple problems with my car. I REALLY love my car and do not want to get rid of it. First : sometimes when I'm driving the transmission malfunction light comes on and the car slows down to 40 mph. IIt will not drive any faster or change gears. Sometimes pulling off to the side of the road, shutting it off then turning it on again works but most of the time once I shut it off it takes 5-10 to get it go start again. The car does not start and I have to keep jugging it till the car finally starts again. Sometimes the transmission light goes away but mostly it'll stay on for about 2 days. The DBC malfunction light comes on too. Second: it's been a few times that feels like the car is going to shut off or no fuel for 1 or 2 seconds, but it continues to drive a little rough. Also couple times i went over a bump and all fail lights came on ; Malfunction in Transmission DBC Malfunction! Drive control System Star-off assistance inactive! Third: lately when I start the car a ton of white smoke comes out of the exhaust. Smells like burning oil, but I'm really not sure sometimes blue. Please help .. mmakabeh@gmail.com