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  1. Not yet Mick No progress yet Im afraid Mick,,i'm stuck between restoration companies that are trying to bend me over on price for restoration, I have had a good quote to re build the engine from a very good company that ii have used before but unfortunately they have been a bit lapse in getting back to me
  2. Much appreciated for that info Greydog Thank You Paul
  3. No worries ..this is how she looks so far..flat tyres tho so i couldn't roll her out of the garage
  4. Thank you for that info Greydog..as far as i know the head is porous but ive lined up the engine for a complete rebuild. Thanks for all the info
  5. Hi Will I had exactly the same problem on my 2007 325 Convertible,,the crack wasn't as severe as yours but water still seeped thru and destroyed the control unit.. Went to a German specialist breakers in Oldham picked up a complete light unit for £200. If you dont have any joy in Sheffield try there. There number is 0161 633 8080
  6. Hi Guys Hi Guys, Just about to by a 1982 635 CSi, Its been in storage for some time and is in excellent condition the only problem is the Head is blown. Where do you recommend I start to look for parts for this model and/or possibly a replacement engine ?
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