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  1. Many thanks for your response. Its not back no and it can be driven but is very difficult to turn the wheel. No they didnt check on a ramp, just plugged in diagnostics tool and said its the Steering Angle Sensor at fault. They were unable to comunicate with it apparently. Im not sure where these cables are located to check... Any help would be really welcome. Thankyou.
  2. Thanks for your reply.. well I went to a BMW specialist today and they plugged in their machine and read the errors and say that the Steering Angle Sensor is faulty and needs a new one.. No idea if this is correct or not and how the two could be linked.
  3. Hi all. Hoping I could get some help. Today the power steering failed and message displayed 'Increased Steering Effort'. Unable to use the car which is very frustrating. Only low mileage at 17000 and well looked after. Yesterday the front bumper got caught on a curb and left side pulled out breaking clips and leaving gap between bumper and underneath, I didnt realise until today the bumper had pulled away, and its been raining heavily. Im wondering if this could be related? Does anyone know where the steering sensor would be located? thanks in advance