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  1. Hi dave thank you for your info bearings ok shafts seem ok diff level ok will try having codes read and see what happens will come back with results once again thank you and all who have given advice danny
  2. Hi guys clutch and dmf were on the way out have replaced both but the !Removed! thing is still the same have gone through the entire drive train and cannot find anything wrong i'm at the end of my tether with this my gasted is truly flabbard
  3. thanks guys will check it and let you know danny
  4. appreciate your input had a look and its not that, at its worst there is a knocking and the whole car shakes very frustrating danny
  5. morning lads at its worst the whole car shakes almost certain its not coming from the front end, gearbox mounts seem to be in good condition no slack as do the drive shafts will try centre bearing and see what happens thank you for your help. danny
  6. thank you for coming back to me it did but after changing both ends of prop and engine mounts it now is really only in 5th &6th once it gets up to speed and you ease off it tends to even out bit of a head scratcher
  7. Hi all i'm a new kid on the block and would appreciate if one of could give some advice I have a 60 plate 520D which vibrates and shudders under load I have changed engine mounts and prop shaft bushes but to no avail cannot find anything loose or that has play in it regards danny c