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  1. it as you can imagine.... you normally see trouble happening and can take action.... not this time... I am amazed I missed him... credit that cars brakes.... any way I will have a look... thanks for the link.. Alistair
  2. Hi BM Folk, I wonder can anyone help... I bought a 2009 320D M Sport a while ago and it has been great but I have a problem. I was turning left in the 2nd lane onto the M4 when the dork on the inside decided not to go up the the slip road and drive across me !!!! Yes he did, I tapped my breaks and missed him but went up n the appex of the kurb... fully expecting to get blatted by others coming on... phew nothing happened.... however although the kerb was shallow it did some damage to the underside of the bumper.... The pressure lip seals popped their rivets but I think i am missing maybe another plastic strip that holds it all together... see pics I can't imagine this is a rare thing but can anyone help in terms of what I need... the bumper is now catching on kerbs etc and needs pinning back up..... I really appreciate any help..... (PS. I did park up a month later as I thought that plastic strip was the part left there... and after risking my life :-) I found it was just some bits from another car) Cheers Alistair