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  1. Just an update, I managed to do the valve seals yesterday, 6 hours in total from opening the bonnet to taking it for a test drive. To be fair it was a nice easy job and easily an average diy job for most. While i was at it i measured all the valve train and pasti-gauged the cam shafts to check for wear. All well within tolerance!!! Considering it has 97k miles on the clock im well happy. Anyhow, If their is anyone within the Norfolk area (Thetford) that needs it doing pop me a message, im happy to help!!
  2. Haha, I am that guy!! I cant see on the technical site if the inlet and exhaust valve seals are different. Most cars are, iv just had the parts required through the post and all 16 Valve seals are the same........ Just looked, they are the same!!
  3. Hello Dave, Thanks for the prompt reply! Yes, not to bad on the spanners..... Iv bit the bullet and ordered the tools now so see how that goes! Thanks for the websites, i think they will help out alot!!! Dan
  4. Hello all, Me and the wife have come back to having BMWs after a break of about 10 Years...... Anyhow, My wife has an average condition E90 320i with 97K on the clock, She got it for a straight swap for her freelander that had 138k on the clock and had the usual rust patches. The reason for the swap was because of excess smoking after Idle (Typical pcv/valve seals) and a cracked radiator. Iv swapped out the pcv which took the best part of 2 hours and lots of swearing, replaced the radiator, again a nice easy job. The smoking has improved but it still going after idling etc so now looking at doing the valve seals. What im after is the tools, i have everything to do the job but need the special valve compressor so i dont have to take the head off, and the adaptor so i can screw in a line for compressed air to keep the valves from falling into the engine. I am currently located in Thetford, Norfolk but regularly go to my parents in South Derbyshire, Would anyone be interested in renting me the tools for the job? or if anyone knows of a reasonable garage that is not too far away that could do the job this week that would be great!!! And, has anyone had it done lately and knows of the approx cost? If nobody has the required tools etc then i may get them myself and start offering the service on here.