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    New member - Oxford

    Sadly seeming not to be the case - somewhere in the folks that have looked at it recently, some of the OBD2 pins in the plug in have bent. The exhaust place that was looking at it today either did it (or they say mechanic friend did it) either way they werent willing/able to plug in there diagnostic unit. So it has been moved to a garage which is due to have a squint tomorrow.
  2. expatscot

    possible DPF error

    Not keen on first post being a fault code, but oh well... This car is a mix work beast and family car... it covers approx 4000 miles per month, predominantly on the open road/motorways. Only had it since July - it was serviced not long before purchase and again approx 2-3 months ago. There have been no issues with it at all. Was serviced again yesterday - and brake pads replaced, brake sensor also. The service interval/warning was all then reset.Immediately afterwards car into limp mode - underpowered and showing code 452A (if i remember right) - either way it was basically saying the DPF is at the end of its natural life. Now there have been no previous dpf exhaust issues.... the car has been running fine and is well maintained. At the amount of miles on motorway and occasionally enthusiastic driving the dpf should blast itself clean without problem... seems to me this is some sensor glitch when the intervals/warning were reset from the brakes and service. There was no way to reset/override the dpf issue and "limp mode" so car currently at exhaust specialist down the the road where they will poke deeper into dpf side of things... Has anyone come across anything like this before? Apologies for linking to another forum, but this seems to be similar problem:- https://www.bimmerforums.co.uk/forum/f125/bmw-e91-320d-n47-dpf-fault-codes-4d4a-452a-t476610/
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    New member - Oxford

    Just a quick post to say Hello..... my first foray into the forum, and also BMW (although have been active many other car forums over the years). Have had the car 4-5 months and covered 20,000 miles - so far so good, and the mild winter has certainly been easier acclimatising to RWD. Have encountered my first issue, not bad in 20,000 miles and will no doubt post about it in the relevant section.