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  1. Deanb

    320D misfiring

    I'm going to get a reader put on it this weekend. I'm now thinking it is probably an abs sensor on it's way out
  2. Deanb

    320D misfiring

    Thanks for that. It won't be tyre size as they are correct, and it isn't me overcooking it as it does it at low speed (and in a straight line now as well). I may have to look at sensors. I'm also wondering if it is a clogged DPF?
  3. Deanb

    320D misfiring

    Update - it has started to do it a little bit in a straight line now, when accelerating at low revs.
  4. I have a 2010 320D M sport touring. I love it to bits but yesterday it started acting up. When going around right hand bends (tight ish ones like roundabouts) and accelerating the traction control light flashes and the car slows - I'm guessing because the TC kills the power and/or applies the brakes. I have tried turning off the traction control and it then seems to just misfire. The really weird thing is it definitely does not do it when turning right or when driving straight ahead. Can anyone shed any light please? I would be very grateful for any help. Thanks Dean