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  1. insomnia5

    Audio Help E46 1999

    Thanks for the reply Greydog. I saw the top one but it wont fit due to the 90deg bend being required on the fakra connection. wondered if anyone out there had fitted this before and what worked?
  2. insomnia5

    Audio Help E46 1999

    Hi Dave, Thanks for the reply. I did that but, my current ISO is a 90deg fitting due to the moulded plastic parts in the bulkhead, no room for straight connector, so was looking for fackra 90deg to iso. Cant find anything. Wondered if anyone had found a solution or a adaptor? Thanks Ian
  3. Hello, new on here so apologies if this has been covered before. I have a 323 1999 which has Business radio cassette fitted, I came up with the idea of replacing this with a Business CD unit and bought one recently form a well know auction site. It arrived and its a 2004 very tidy unit. So a quick swop, no. It appears that my current unit has a ISO aerial connection (female on unit cable male at 90 deg) and the replacement one what I think is called FAKRA? (not sure if male/female)? I've searched the web for days trying to find a conversion adaptor or something but come up with nothing that looks like it will do the job. My current radio has another little connection, think this is a diversity connection, something to do with aerial again? Well that's me scuppered. Does anyone have any suggestions to where I can get something? Thank you