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  1. Dave, I’m very grateful for your help. I’ll let you know if and when I have success and what the problem was! Andy
  2. Thanks Dave, yes I’ll wait until the weather is a bit more clement and will start exploring. I’m sorry, I’m not sure what you mean by realoem drawings? Andy
  3. Thanks Dave. I’ve checked the roof drains are clear. I think the lights are most likely as they have condensation in them. However this doesn’t answer the tailgate warning on the dash? As it began as an intermittent problem and knowing the lower tailgate must be firmly and securely closed before the hatch will work, I’m still thinking it’s a lower tailgate electrical problem, especially as if you give it a firm close, there is an audible “bing” sound inside. Looks quite a puzzle to remove the lights. One rear fog needs replacing anyway. Any further thought would be most welcome. Andrew
  4. My 2011 X5 started with an intermittent power tailgate failure recently. Followed various threads and removed the electronic module, drained a couple of inches of water from wheel arch well, dried it with a hair dryer. No effect. Though now the cockpit warning panel shows a lower tailgate failure warning, may have shown that before but I didn’t see it. On occasion in the past, if the lower tailgate wasn’t engaged properly, the hatch won’t close, it had to be closed firmly before it would automatically close. I’m guessing that there’s some micro switch or other now that has failed. All fuses ar
  5. Bmw have offered to pay 60% as a goodwill gesture! This still leaves me £8500 out of pocket! Anyone want to buy an X5 with a new BMW engine and turbos, 2 year unlimited mileage warranty??? Seriously it will be up for sale shortly and will be the last BMW I ever buy. Not just because of my experience which I am stoical about, but once you start investigating, the true extent of BMWs unreliability and the companies synacism and duplicity, all start to become clear! I have no doubt I will NOW receive many posts disagreeing with me, in stark contrast to the replies I have received to date for a ge
  6. Further to my previous. After an abortive visit to one BMW garage where I was told it would cost £4500 for engine removal and strip down then rebuild plus whatever was needed for the repair! I subsequently took it to another BMW garage where the strip down etc. Was £890, they have kept me continually updated and are now putting the case to BMW to ascertain what good will can be expected. I am told the pulley bearing has seized, scoring the Franck and cracking the block etc. Basically a new engine!!!! Not good news. So I have to wait to hear from BMW, but I can't imagine them wanting to dig dee
  7. Hello everyone, I have enjoyed being the owner of an X5 4.0 xd M Sport for over twelve months. 48k miles, regular BMW servicing, last completed a few months ago at a main dealer. Drove onto drive a few days ago, oil dribbling out. Recovery called, general thought was it was going to be oil hose from turbo cooler, anyway guy was very knowledgeable and confirmed it wasn't, he had pipes onboard as this is a frequent fault- be warned! Vehicle recovered to independendant bmw specialist, old acquaintance I used to play squash with. A day later he gave me the bad news that the crankshaft pulley bear
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