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  1. Hi I am looking to buy a 330d and was wondering if you could help me with a few questions, please. What are my smartphone integration options (iphone 6) to at least allow playing and controlling music from the idrive (either usb or Bluetooth) with E91 330d m sport 2009 lci with new type CIC idrive, options included are below. Note it does not have the USB connector in the arm rest (there is only AUX IN in the arm rest and USB in the glove compartment). Would adding the cables (ebay links below) allow playing/controlling music from the phone? The car’s got the shark antenna - but BMW dealer advised that the iphone 6 snapin that they have will not work in this car, is there a way to get iphone 6 to the snapin connector? What functions would that provide? 6AA BMW TELESERVICES 6AB CONTROL TELESERVICES 609 NAVIGATION SYSTEM PROFESSIONAL 612 BMW ASSIST 615 EXTENDED BMW ONLINE INFORMATION 616 BMW ONLINE 620 VOICE INPUT SYSTEM 633 PREP.MOB. PH. BUSINESS BLUET.INTERF. 672 CD CHANGER BMW FOR 6 CDS 698 AREA-CODE 2 thisisjimmi