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  1. Hi all Has anyone on here towed a caravan with an E91 M Sport? My missus wants to get a caravan but I'm thinking the car is too low and will be on its backside with a caravan on it thoughts?
  2. Of the brands on the list Meguiars or Autoglym but there are a lot of better products out there. You just wont find them in Halfords. In the end it depends what you want to do and how much time you want to spend on it.
  3. I needed a car with four doors, decent boot, something that would comfortably tow a caravan, reliable, fast and nice looking. ...and the wife wanted a manual gearbox and I didn't want a diesel because it would be doing mostly short runs and I dont like the sound of diesel engines. = 325i touring 3.0 manual and everyone's happy just needs a good polish :)
  4. Our new motor has a date with some gliptone GT12 and GT11, cleans them up lovely and leaves them with that old fashioned leather smell. mmm
  5. Stick with the wax or as Russ suggests fill in the stone chips with a bit of paint to stop any polishes sticking in them.
  6. Hi all, just bought a e91 325i and it seems the Bluetooth isn't working, it just doesn't appear on the list of items on my phones and searching on the web it seems this is a common problem. My question is if I was to buy a mulf module off fleabay will it just drop in and work or does it need recoding and if so where can I get this done in the chesterfield / Mansfield area? I'm also seeing mulf2 and combox modules, whats the difference and can I fit one of these instead? Thanks Andy
  7. Hi all, I've recently bought the missus a 57 plate 325i touring after 12 years with a Volvo S40, our first BMW and liking it a lot and hope to get to grips with the myriad of whistles and bells on it soon. I do want to have it looked at properly though so I was wondering if you can recommend a good indy in the Chesterfield / Mansfield area? cheers Andy
  8. Welcome to the BMW Owners Club rollupandshine :)

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