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  1. Shooter_K_1984

    Proper Manifold???

    Yeah thought it was too good to be true, he seems as though he knows what he's talking about too. reckons il get remap for 150 quid tht will give me 30 bhp, the max iv seen 18 bhp for around 300 quid. Is this about the manifold actually true? or is that b0ll0cks too?
  2. Hi fella's Have been told by a friend of mine that The German emission laws changed around the time my car was made and as such my car was fitted with a suffocating manifold and that if i got the correct manifold for the engine it would give me an extra 50bhp or so anyone know if this is true?? He reckons it would only cost around £60. Seems too good to be true.
  3. Shooter_K_1984

    Bmw Convert!

    cool so looks like a remap or a chip is the way to go, would like more than 12 hp gain, but will shop around. probably gonna get an E34 M5 when i get back to the UK, cant !Removed! wait, dont like living in Germany, though the autobahns are pretty damn good.
  4. Shooter_K_1984

    Bmw Convert!

    Yeah i dont think thats to far from here, I'm in Bruggen, right on the dutch border. Would the cold air intake really give that much of a power boost. Had a look at some remap's on websites they average around 12 hp gain for 200-250 quid, not sure if id really notice that. There's a air flow pipe that runs from behind the nearside headlight, maybe i could use that. Any suggestions on where to shop for the air filter? or ust stick to EBay?
  5. Shooter_K_1984

    My First Beemer

  6. Shooter_K_1984

    Bmw Convert!

    Hi all. Have become the proud owner of a 1995 E34 520 Touring, I love it and apart from having to change all 4 shocks, which I managed after some significant swearing and several bouts of spanner rash, the car is Tip Top. Dont really wanna change the look of it but am interested in squeezing a little more power out of it, Simply getting a different car with a bigger engine, isnt really an option as I'm in the British Army and posted in Germany so RHD motors are at a premium, does any one know any not to expensive ways to gain around an extra 20 BHP or so out of it?? Thanks. Mark.