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  1. You're looking at anything between £1500-£2000 for a very good job. I'll get more pics up when I get chance and I'll show the attention to detail where he's used black to highlight certain areas. I was shocked at how good it is. Need a big meet to happen aswell really. Would be good!
  2. It's a vinyl wrap. The material is by Arlon and called heatwave. Its a matt yellow. Looks different in dull cloudy days and in bright sunny days.
  3. Joined a while back and thought I'd post a few pics of my m235i. What it was to what it is now. Not the best of pics but I've been enjoying driving rather than taking pics lol!!
  4. New to the site but not new to bmw's. Had a 2010 320d msport coupe (stolen in burglary) Now have a brand new m235i, picked it up last July :) loving every minute of owning it!
  5. Welcome to the BMW Owners Club simonb235 :)

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