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  1. Found a good site from another forum, apparently there are 534 of these cars in the UK and 382 of them are sorn https://www.howmanyleft.co.uk/vehicle/bmw_320_td_se_compact
  2. Decided to sell my 53 plate, 3 door, silver Compact. Good runner, I've had it for 7 years and time for a change, Yellow trim inside as it was tired and scuffed but looks quite nice,. CD 6 disc multiplayer in the boot (the sale also comes with a spare as I brought job lot from scapping car), eletric windows (tilt in rear), expandable parcel shelf (see photos), power steering, cruise control, 205,430 miles on the clock but it is 17 years old and still goes well. Any questions or offers please contact me. Unable to attach photo's for some reason, if interested please comtact me and we can find a way to show you the photo's (this car is on other simular sites).
  3. Hi all, My 320 tdse compact is currently sitting on my parents drive waiting for Aviva to tell me why it has a 15 year old tag on it as I want to sell it, but last week when my Dad got in it to turn it over he couldn't get in, the remote and even using the key won't let us into the car. Does anyone have a trick to get into the car so that I can release the bonnet to charge the battery or another way to get under the bonnet for the same reason? Links ith videos greatly received. Mark
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