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  2. Hi Ron. Welcome. OR You will need VIN for latter.
  3. Some would say very minor! Nonetheless, I would really like to get them fixed. All damage is on the outer rim of the wheel and is silver. The grey parts of the wheel are not damaged. Refurb firms want silly money. Any suggestions?
  4. Thats what I thought although the castrol link kindly shared says 7.0 litres?
  5. I have uploaded the Android app here. Simply install and use. File name is BMW_C_T. I have also included some images showing a few of the functions: If you need help feel free to message me.
  6. These are brilliant. Bought two to protect the leather seats in my 335d XD. They simply hang off the head rest and don't move, like NEVER move. Can't recommend them enough. Price shown BTW is EACH.
  7. Not a fan of tuning boxes. They tend to just over fuel the engine. I use this on my 335d. The ECU map can be returned to original at any time using a simple handset:
  8. Like from purchase to now? Be interesting to see that and what you have done. I haven't done a lot myself just a K&N and a Bluefin ECU upgrade.
  9. Google. Was searching for a specific BMW forum. Its a very quiet one tho. Not a great deal of activity.
  10. NO. Don't ever add the wrong oil type. Solve the problem instead: The 316 is renowned for valve stem oils seals going. They perish. Get them replaced then drop the oil and filter. Add fresh corect oil and new filter.
  11. Yes, why not? I am near Thetford, Norfolk.
  12. Agree. With no more than 10k mileage for each year, you are looking at 7.5k and it would need to be immaculate.
  13. Bluefin everytime. YOU load the map and can return it to stock with a few button presses.
  14. Use a diagnostic tool in the OBD port. See the problem first THEN solve it. It's simply no good guessing.