Police use BMW i3 to ‘sneak up’ on criminals

Thursday 8 September 2016

A new electric car is being trialled by the London Metropolitan Police, that could allow officers to more silently sneak up on their suspects.

A BMW i3 Range Extender is now being used on patrol in the Wandsworth Borough Commander, to allow the Met to determine how zero emission electric cars perform in a live operational environment.

While the BMW i3 Range Extender is not the fastest car on the market, it is powerful, and can reach speeds of 0 to 30 mph in just 3.5 seconds. The car also gets 81 miles per charge or 150 miles per charge, depending on the model.


BMW has loaned the £32,330 car to the Police for the duration of the test period, after which the Police will decide whether or not to invest in more cars.

London is not the first city to test the vehicles. In September 2015, the Los Angeles Police Department trialled 160 BMW i3 Range Extenders, and in June this year they decided to invest in 100 of the electric cars.

In addition to the standard testing and evaluation tools, Police Officers will report back on their experience of using the vehicle during regular patrolling duties. The Police Driving School will also be testing the vehicle and providing expert advice on its potential use within the Police fleet.



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