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Find out my differential ratio

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Morning Mark

Welcome to the Forum

Check www.realoem.com it's a BMW online parts list. Put the last 7 digits of your Vin number into the search box and it will bring up your model then check the Front Axle section 

You will find the Part Number you need plus if you double click the part number a list of other models it was used in.

If the front diff is toast what caused it? The transfer case normally goes first changing the Diff with out fixing the cause may end up costing dear in the long run. 


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It's been wining for a couple of weeks I went to pull off yesterday and heard a bang then seen oil running out everywhere from it so nit sure what has coursed it to be honest with you I also didn't no you could change the casing but to be fair it sounded like the bearings were going on it anyway if it's been wining 

I'll go on that page in abit and have alook thanks 

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Hi Mark

I have seen a 3.0d X3 that had had the near side drive shaft replaced. The shaft hadn't been seated properly and eventually popped out destroying the shaft seal and locking ring.All replaced and a hefty whack on the end of the drive shaft to make sure it seated properly the top up the Diff and all good since

The fact you have had Whining did you have any clunks on engaging gear? If your lucky it may be something similar

Fingers crossed


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